"There is a vile creature guarding the way onto Blight Town."

{{This is an Independant Ask/ RP blog for the Dark Souls boss: The Gaping Dragon(GD). GD is of Tsundere attitude meaning she will be cold to anyone she doesn't know. *sigh* ...and yes possible NSFW.

You can find the mun (me) on Skype (just ask for it) [tracking the tag: DepthsGuardian ]


{{ And thus ended the M!A, I know due to my work and the internet being cut off. I couldn’t do much with Princess!GD. How many like that M!A or at least what i did with it? }}

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{{ Well, im not much of a bowman or have one. armor that i had is Ven’s helmet, Lionwarrior’s cape, and darkwraith boots. with weapons of Lionwarrior’s axe and Grym greatshield. Now i switched to parts of the turtle knight set to tank hits. 

{ alright saying from mobile something before i go to work. I got the DLC in the morning and died to unbreakable poison statues that move. like i told a friend, i died from the tall ghost muthacrakas that yadda yadda with the coffin. the enemy’s are overlytanked. they dont even stagger which is bad by looking at how much armor they have on, just a loincloth with metal plates. Either my armor is shit or me just rushing from new game to the DLC is catching up to me already.  …I like the dragon though. little spear on its chest, like a miss to the heart. }

{ how much is the Dark Souls 2 DLC for consoles? }

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{ hey hey. Thanks. I am mobile stealing internet from the neighbors. }

Character Overview

(´−`) ンー : I didn't know anything about your character prior to your roleplaying / following you

(−_−;): I didn't like your character before following you, and I still don't

(︶ω︶) : I didn't like your character before following you, but you've changed my mind.

(´_`。) : I liked your character before following you, but now I don't because of how you play him/her.

ヽ(*・ω・)ノ : I've liked your character from the start, and you play him/her well

(;¬_¬) : I don't like the way you play your character.

(*´▽`*): I love the way you play your character.

ヽ(´ー`): ( helpful advice ; personal opinions )