"There is a vile creature guarding the way onto Blight Town."

{{This is an Independant Ask/ RP blog for the Dark Souls boss: The Gaping Dragon(GD). GD is of Tsundere attitude meaning she will be cold to anyone she doesn't know. *sigh* ...and yes possible NSFW.

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Dark Souls 2 Iron King DLC

Alright. Since i have fought 3 of the DLC bosses and only killed 2 of them. Gone through at least most of the tower. I thought i’d give my take on the DLC under a ‘Read More’ with the tag [ Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King ]

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{{ I would like to see the human Old Iron King, I’m guessing before he became that. I’d bet he’ll handsome af.}}

Anonymous asked
Hey GD whats your favourite animal?

" Not many animals come down to the sewers, aside from the rats. But from what i remember the feline creature always amazed me. With its little ears and tail, living without a care.  …He—hey! what are you still doing here?! I thought you left." 

{{ at work. Im be on mobile for the night. Send asks or something. The other guard said there was a deer in the area. }}

{{ I got the the white hilted blade. Went to go check after I got frustrated with one area. }}